The Love Bipolar

 Crazy boy fell for crazy girl,
and they loved and loved and loved.
They’d found their match in this crazy world,
It felt conspired from above.

They caught on fire for a magical year,
And learned to see life anew.
So much to learn and so little to fear,
And their crazy love just grew.

But time moved on and distance formed,
and crazy girl fell sad.
Crazy boy thought it was all his fault,
Which in turn made him feel bad.

Too much time spent separate,
Communication started to lack.
Words were gravely misspoken,
And the whole thing began to crack.

Crazy girl became crazy sad,
And she cried and cried and cried.
Crazy boy did his best,
But no matter how hard he tried,

Crazy girl had lost her spark,
And they didn’t know where to look.
They couldn’t find the answers,
In any movie, song or book.

So they loved and loved and loved some more,
But this time it was not enough.
So crazy boy did what he had to,
although it was really tough.

He said “Crazy girl I love you so.
But we just can’t carry on.”
She begged, cried, promised the world,
But knew he wasn’t wrong.

“I cannot fix you, my crazy girl,
Just as you can’t fix me.
I cannot make you happy,
Therefore I have to set you free.”

So she tried to forget his gentle heart,
The soothing of its beat.
She’ll soon forget that crooked grin,
With those sweet gappy teeth.

She’ll forget the triumphant look he’d get,
When he’d finally coax out a smile.
She’ll forget how they used to dance at the store,
Crazy kids twirling down the aisle.

But she won’t forget their crazy love,
Or how hard it made her fall,
or that embarking on a doomed romance
is the craziest love of all.


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